hjortvaen. studio/workshop

“As I have learned how to make things and gained new abilities, those abilities in turn, have made me.
It seems that creation is a force that forms; not only our surroundings, but imprints on our state of mind and being.
The impact of such a process underlies my entire motivation, which is why I work to bring the value creation of making, into the hands of others.

Every force evolves a form”.
March 2021.

My practice is an exploration of technology and expression — where utilitarian objects and sculptures influence one another. I work with wood and am driven by the possibilities presented through craft.

I see practice as a fundamental part of understanding traditional and contemporary cultural expressions. It is an essential strategy for me to identify relationships between techniques, materials, objects and subjects. Through material-driven processes, I investigate these relationships and their significance. Where knowledge of methods and tools — meanings and ideas, are transformed into material narratives.